Tesla Cybertruck

12 Things That Happened After Tesla Cybertruck Reveal

Long ago, we had so much discussion about the car as all the automotive world is discussing Tesla Cybertruck. The most exciting thing is that it continues and continues. Every day some new facts or entertaining memes come online.

So what interesting happened after Tesla Cybertruck reveal?

We counted 12 things, but of course, there should be more.

1. Tesla stock dropped more than 6 percent.

After Cybertruck's presentation Tesla stock dropped more than 6 percent. From 354.83 US dollars (21st of November 2019) to 333.04 US dollars (22nd of November 2019), but on the 12th of December, 2019 stock value came back to 359.68 USD.

2. A lot of critics in Tesla lovers forums

Cybertruck got a lot of critics in various Tesla lovers' forums. Many people shouted, „wtf, is it?“

3. Cybertruck got about 200 000 reservations

In less than 48 hours, Tesla got about 150 000 reservations for Cybertruck. Two more days later, the pre-orders number reached 200 000. To make a pre-order, the customer has to leave 100 USD deposit, which is fully refundable.

4. Cyberquad is coming to production

A few hours after the Cybertruck presentation has ended, Elon Musk confirmed that there would be a possibility to buy a two-seater Cyberquad, which will fit into pickup‘s trunk.

5. Hideous car

All the internet has begun to scream how ugly Tesla Cybertruck is. For most of the commentators it looks uglier than Fiat Multipla.

6. Memes

Tesla Cybertruck got thousands of memes all over the world.

7. Solar Batteries

Elon Musk via Twitter sad that Cybertruck pickup will have a rear cover on which there will be a possibility to have solar batteries, which will let to drive 24 km distance per day.

8. Lego

Peter Blackert made a Tesla Cybertruck from Lego.

9. Everybody builds their Cybertrcuk

Many people are trying to build their Cybertruck or transforms their cars into it.

10. Cybertruck was spotted in the streets

Elon Musk was riding Tesla Cybertruck in the streets of Los Angeles.

11. Ford F-150 won‘t be Cybertruck competitor

During Cybertruck's presentation, Elon Musk showed a Tug war video where hs pickup competes with Ford F-150, which was the loser in this fight.

But F-150 won‘t be a competitor of Cybertruck, because it is not the same class. Tesla pickup will have to compete with Ford F-250 Super Duty, Dodge Ram 2500, or Chevrolet Silverado 2500 in the Class 2B-3, while Ford F-150 belongs to Class 2A.

12. The world is mad

The world is mad about Tesla Cybertruck, and everyday people do something connected with this electric pickup: memes, pictures, write articles, transforms their cars to Cybertruck, and everybody is interested in everything about it.