Steering Wheel Covers

Tips to Choosing the Best Steering Wheel Cover for Your Car

Although the primary purpose of a car is to facilitate your movements, it does not mean that there should be no proper care and maintenance set in place to make it more efficient. Most people will focus on the outside look since it is the most visible place while ignoring the interior. More attention should get directed inside since it is what determines whether you get comfort or not during your trips. One of the most vital parts of your car that should be in the right state is the steering wheel. Depending on the type of car that you have, it may either come with a steering wheel cover or not during the purchase. However, there are many variables of steering wheel covers that you can buy to suit your specific preferences, but the process is quite tedious. Below are considerations that can guide to choosing a design that will serve you well.

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Steering Size

The size of the steering wheel for cars is not standard. Different models have unique designs depending on the functionality and purpose of the vehicle. Common types of steering covers range from fourteen inches to almost seventeen inches. When you go to the store to make the purchase, you have to measure the diameter of the steering wheel in your car before to ensure you get a perfect match. You can use a tape or thread to get an accurate figure by stretching it around. The number will help you to get a cover that is neither loose nor too tight. In case of any uncertainties, refer to your supplier since they are always conversant with detailed specifications of cars. All car models have different fittings; hence choosing without consultation can make you end up with a poor choice of cover.


Since the steering is a part of your car that does most work, the type of cover you choose should be of durable material that will last you a long time. The available examples of fibers that you can find in these covers include rubber, plastic, leather, and also cotton with a fur coating. Furthermore, before settling on a choice, you have to make a self-evaluation to know which one is suitable for you. If you tend to sweat on the hands, a material that won't make a mess like cotton is more convenient. Plastic covers can be cheap, but they are more prone to damages than any other type. Also, in the case of excess heating, the materials should be able to withstand the situation without suffering any risks. Rubber covers are quite costly, but professionals recommend them more than any other type. You should choose a cover that is flexible and can adapt to any weather condition or a change in the driver without requiring you to make changes that may result in spending more money in terms of replacements.


The grip is the most important thing you should look out for in a steering wheel cover. If your covers are slippery, you will not have a comfortable time while driving since the situation will keep interfering with your focus. In the worst-case scenario, you can get involved in an accident. The best time to measure the level of grip a cover will offer you is when you are making turns into corners. Although you may decide to work with bare wheels, the state is far much worse than having an inferior type of covers. Ensure your choice of protection is from a material that has a good texture for you to hold onto throughout your drives. Also, you can opt for a cover that has nodes, mesh, or patchwork rather than an all smooth type for more efficiency. The irregularities in the patterns will offer a convenient surface for your hands to stick to rather than dangerous sliding.


Steering wheels covers come in so many designs and colors. Some covers have even textures while others have decorative patches. The rapid advancements in technology have led to models that have knobs for controlling the indicator, folding, and unfolding of side mirrors as well as light signals. Such covers are pricey, but they are more convenient. Also, some designs use a combination of two materials like rubber and leather. Your choice should give you a comfortable time to drive anywhere, regardless of the distance. In case you are unable to find a type that suits you, you can talk to the available manufacturers and explain to them what it is that you have in mind, and if you agree, they can accept to customize. Other sophisticated designs can heat up if the temperature is low to give you a comfortable time.


Driving for extended periods can make you fatigued if you have a terrible type of steering wheel covers. Since they come in many designs, you should select a model that is comfortable to work with despite the situation. A steering wheel cover with an improper texture can expose you to getting painful blisters; hence you have to stop all driving activities until they heal. Also, during sunny seasons like summer, many people drive around, and finding a shade for parking can be a hard task; thus, you have to park in the sun. Poor designs of covers will start absorbing heat and become too hot. The temperature may increase to a level you cannot handle hence inconveniencing you because you will have to wait for it to cool down before you can proceed with your activities. Although there are many designs, you can opt for a type that has pads alongside any other features that may intrigue you.

UV Protection

The sun can get ruthless at some point of the year and thus expose your steering cover to damages. If the material is weak, it can start discoloring because of the excessive heat, and therefore you will have to make a replacement, which will cost you time and more money. Furthermore, the weather can cause a tear, which eventually spreads, leading to the spoiling of the whole cover because of the frequent usage. Although this aspect might seem insignificant, during hot weather, you will look back and smile, knowing you made the prior confirmation concerning protection from the sun for your steering wheel cover.


If you like your car, you will want to get it the best accessories available. Steering wheel covers come in many designs that can improve the look of your vehicle. The covers come in styles to suit people in different dynamics. Some of them are explicitly meant for specific types of cars to build the brand. Also, the available kind of materials come in a variety ranging from original to counterfeits. Genuine leather covers will cost you more and are sleeker, thus improving the aesthetics of your car. Other ordinary types will come in the form of a mesh, wood, or vinyl.


Just like any other item that you will purchase, what you spend is what you get. The pricing for steering wheel covers ranges from cheap to very expensive. You might get attracted to cheap steering wheel covers, but in the long run, you suffer the risk of spending more money in terms of replacement since they will not last long because cheap materials are more prone to damages. Furthermore, they can inconvenience you in terms of time and also embarrass you in front of any other person who might want to drive along. Spending more, on the other hand, will guarantee that you get a design that is long-lasting hence making it a one time purchase. Also, costly covers come with warranties from the manufacturers, which is a guarantee they are the best.


There are many reasons why people look for steering wheel covers, and your need will guide you to choosing a more suitable model. If you are decor conscious, you will want a type that will match perfectly with the color theme already set in place. Teenagers might want them for decorative purposes, while long-distance travelers will want a cover that will offer comfort. Some people buy steering covers because they look good while others prefer to have a collection; hence they can keep on changing depending on their mood. For other people, the purchase is due to health reasons since contact with certain types of materials that can affect them. Evaluating yourself in regards to the kinds of needs you have in terms of a steering wheel cover will help you choose a design that will fit you perfectly.

Choosing a steering wheel cover is a hard task considering all the available variables. You can go around checking on the designs from one manufacturer to another, but the more you look, the more confused you get since every model is unique and will stand out. However, the tips, as mentioned above, will guide you in deciding within a short period. Also, if you adhere to them, you have a guarantee of getting an adequate cover. Your driving adventures will get more enjoyable despite the distance.