Top 10 Most Reliable Cars

The JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study has become recognized as one of the most reliable indicators for car reliability on the road. Using a metric of problems per 100 vehicles (PP100), the study is conducted through a survey of drivers who own three year old cars and trucks.

Chevy Camaro

This convertible coupe is a great choice for summer driving, as it boasts of one of the most reliable convertible platforms in the market. But more than having a sleek retractable roof, the Camaro boasts of a high overall mechanical quality ranking, with five star ratings in the quality of its powertrain and features and accessories. It also gets five-star ratings for its performance and style. The Camaro tops the JD Power Dependability Evaluation in the category of midsize sporty cars.

Honda Fit

This hatchback is good value for money since despite its relatively small size it can seat five people comfortably as well as being able to accommodate loads of cargo. In the year of release it was also ranked Best Subcompact and Best Hatchback for Families as well as Best Hatchback for the Money. The Honda Fit topped the JD Power rankings for most dependable in the sub-compact category.

Buick Lucerne

This mid-size sedan offers the smooth and quiet ride that drivers expect from large cars as well as having a well-designed dashboard with easy-to-use controls. In addition, the seats are large enough to accommodate riders of any size comfortably. In the JD Power Dependability study, the Lucerne experienced the fewest issues per hundred cars.

Lexus LS

This super-luxury car is popular due to its well-appointed interior as well as noise-proofing insulation that ensures a quiet ride. In addition, the LS also comes with a wide range of options, and the sports package comes with upgraded brakes and adjustable air suspension as well as paddle shifters. The optional Mark Levinson sound system is recognized as one of the best in the market. It is a great buy since its base price is lower than those of its rivals Audi A8 and Mercedes Benz S-class. In the JD Power study, the vehicle had a PP100 score of 62, which is the highest among the vehicles that were assessed.

Cadillac DTS

This premium car is also one of the best-ranking in the JD Power study. In addition it boasts of a lot of other benefits, including a powerful V8 engine that does not require premium gas as well as a roomy but comfortable interior and a spacious trunk in addition to lots of head and legroom. The interior features were also found to be user-friendly, with large controls and highly visible gauges. Other standard features include an eight-speaker sound system with satellite radio, power front seats and remote engine start.

Chevy Volt

This compact plug-in is generally recognized as one of General Motor’s most reliable vehicles. It is a plug-in hybrid with more technical complexity than the regular gas-engine cars, which make its reliability ratings all the more impressive. The Volt can run for thirty-five miles on its Lithium-ion battery before a gas-powered range extender generates enough electricity for another 344 miles. Helping to increase its operating efficiency is an aerodynamically-designed sleek exterior that slices through the air with a minimum of effort. The interior boasts of a futuristic vibe with touch sensitive controls for climate-control and audio systems as well as a pair of seven-inch LCD display screens in place of gauges.

Toyota Camry

The midsize sedan is the best-selling car in the country and now the highest ranked in the midsize category in terms of its reliability. The Camry has a reputation for being a “sensible” car, which makes it an ideal one for families since it has a spacious cabin and trunk as well as good fuel economy. It also has a powerful V6 engine as well as providing a quiet ride. Base features include a cruise-control and six-speaker stereo although upgraded features such as satellite radio, heated front seats and Bluetooth are available as options or on Camrys with higher trims.

Lexus GS

The Lexus has earned a reputation for being one of the most reliable brands, topping the JD Power study seventeen times in the previous twenty years. The premium midsize car features a suspension designed to give passengers a comfortable ride as well as a powerful V6 or V8 engine. The seats provide more than sufficient room for most riders to settle in although taller ones may chafe at the lack of legroom as well as the low headroom. Standard features include Bluetooth, ten-speaker sound system with USB and seven-inch touch-screen interface.

MINI Cooper

The Mini topped the JD Power rankings in the compact sporty car category. The reliable compact sporty car has been noted by reviewers as “fun to drive” and gets up to 29 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway, meaning its economical to operate. The four-seat hatchback has spacious front seats although rear-seat passengers may find the legroom lacking. Standard features include satellite radio, HD, a plush leather-wrapped steering wheel and keyless entry. The Mini is available as a hardtop or convertible with three trims available and increased horsepower is provided as you go up the model line.

Lexus ES

The third premium Lexus car to make this list testifies to the overall reliability of the brand. The ES tops the premium compact car category in terms of dependability in addition to being a popular midsize car that is ideal for family trips or highway cruising. The Lexus ES also runs on regular octane rather than premium gas, which makes it more economical to run. The plush interior is one of the most comfortable in its class with supple leather seats that are a standard feature. Other standards include a six-disk CD changer, Bluetooth, auxiliary input jacks and push-button start. In addition, it also has a spacious trunk with as much as 14.8 cubic feet of cargo space.