McLaren Automotive is a well-known British manufacturer of high-end vehicles. It was first established by McLaren Cars in the year 1989. They produced the best road cars that are based on Formula One technology. These days, there are plenty of models that are being sold in the market. Since 2011, they have launched a wide variety of advanced units that utilize advanced and specialized components. They made some sports cars that broke the grounds of driving dynamics and automotive technology. Through the years, they continue to strive harder and create new units and models that suit the preferences of all their customers and clients. Nowadays, there are some models that have been appreciated by many race car enthusiasts.

McLaren cars history

The year 1980 was an especially challenging time for the company as it faced a series of setbacks. They were able to get through it which made them successful in the world of automotives. The development stage that happened 17 years before that gave rise to different breeds and combinations of car models that sought to meet the strong demand. This served as a learning stage for the young car manufacturing company. They made use of synergies and partnerships with other companies in the same industry to build cars that are more attuned to the needs of their customers.

McLaren M6GT

This model is considered the beginning of everything. It is created based on the newest technologies that are used in racing. It is quick and safe to drive and is best for racers. Bruce McLaren was said to be the person who is responsible for this brilliant innovation. He built it with the best specifications to provide a racing car that is quick and fast. For him, handling and performance is of importance. But, safety has also been his primary concern.

McLaren F1

The very first car of the company was the McLaren F1. It was a sports car that is capable of accelerating for about 0-60 miles per hour within three seconds. It has a design that suits best for three people in which the driver has to sit somewhere in the middle. It was designed by Gordon Murray who was also responsible for designing the Formula One race cars of the company.

It was introduced in 1995 which was later on followed by the GT model in 1997. But in the year 1998 in the month of May, production was halted. All in all, there were around one hundred cars that were created. In 2005, it took the record of the fasted production car which registered a max speed of 242.97 mph. McLaren Mercedes MP4/98T

The model was first launched in Australia in 1998. This was also the beginning of the Grand Prix. The West McLaren Mercedes MP4/8T was the very first team for Formula One. Gordo Murray was responsible for the design of the unique car. It was made to perfection in which a single passenger can be carried right beside the driver’s seat. The safety and comfort of the passengers were among the primary criteria that were considered to be essential in a Formula One car.

There are safety regulations that were followed in making the car. It has a side that can resist and absorb shock. Therefore, a passenger will definitely be safe and secure. There is a special foam that is utilized for seating purposes that was made with a certain material that is called carbon fiber monocoque. In the event of a frontal impact, the passenger will be protected as well because of the CONFOR foam that is installed in it. There is a built-in alert button that can be used by both the passenger and the driver.