Car Batteries

Tips & Tricks on How to Buy a Car Battery Online

Car batteries are one of the most underrated parts of any automobile. It plays a lot of roles in the normal functioning of a car, ranging from the operation of the electrical system to the starting of the engine. When the battery ends up getting drained, the car just refuses to start, rendering it incapacitated.

What is a car battery?

A car battery serves as a main power source for power unit start. After the engine is started, an alternator (or generator) charges the battery, at the same time supplying the vehicle electrical system. Common voltage of electrical system in passenger cars is 12 V. 24 V network is used in large trucks, they have two 12 V batteries connected serially which supply 12 V.

Types of car batteries

There are many versions of automotive batteries presented in online-shops. The most common type is lead-acid battery. It consists of an acid-proof case, which is divided into 6 cells filled with electrolyte, connected in series, positive and negative electrodes, lead plates, separators. Several positive electrodes form a positive plate set and several negative electrodes form a negative plate set. Typical defects of a lead-acid battery are sulfation and acid layering. In addition, malfunctions of the alternator may lead to battery undercharging.

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) car battery is a type of conventional lead-acid batteries. The main feature of this is electrolyte being held with the help of special mats, ensuring extended life cycle.

Another type of car battery is VRLA (gel batteries). Electrolyte in these batteries is stored in thick state.

The key parameters of a car battery

  • Physical dimensions.
  • Amp hours (Ah) which define battery capacity.
  • Cranking amperage, which defines the amount of current a battery can provide for vehicle start. Typically, a mid-size passenger car requires a battery with 45–65 Ah and cranking voltage of 500–600 A.

Why car batteries get drained?

There are many reasons why car batteries eventually get drained. Of course, there is the normal wear and tear of everyday driving. While a lot of today’s batteries are built to last, everyday use would eventually drain your batteries up. In fact, it is possible even for batteries of seldom-used cars to lose their charge over time. Another reason why batteries can get drained is because some electrical components of the car are left open even without the engine running. Regardless of circumstance, there would always come a time that it would be time for you to replace your batteries.

While there are many ways to purchase a battery, one emerging way to do it is via an online transaction.

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Tips on how to choose and buy a new car battery online

If you are shopping for a new car battery online, here are just some of the things you must check out. Following each of these steps is important so that your transaction shall run smoothly.

Note what size of battery your vehicle needs

Getting the correct size of the battery is very important when shopping for car batteries. If you get this wrong, there’s a high chance that you’ll get either an underpowered or an oversized battery. The first source you must consult regarding this is your car’s manual. User manuals usually specify the battery size you need to buy. If this information does not exist in your manual, you can ask a mechanic who’s knowledgeable on the make and model of your car. The physical dimensions and the location of the terminals should match those found on your car.

Get a battery that’s fit for your driving style

The way you drive and the normal conditions in which you drive are huge factors to consider when you’re shopping for a battery. A high-capacity battery is better suited if you are driving short distances. This is because short trips don’t allow for much recharging via the alternator. Getting a battery that has a heavy-duty electrolyte solution is important when driving on hot weather. If you’re living in a cold environment, getting a battery tailor-made for such conditions will make cold starting much easier.

Check the date when the battery is produced

Checking the battery’s production date is very important. This is because the longer the battery stays on the shelves, the higher the chances it will end up discharged. To check the production date, look at the date code stamped or engraved at the top of the battery case. The first 2 characters at the battery code signify the date in which the battery is produced. The first character (a letter) signifies the month the battery is produced. A stands for January, B stands for February, and so on. The second character (a number) signifies the year the battery is produced. For example, if the number is 8, that means the battery was produced in 2018.

Inquire about reserve capacity

A battery’s reserve capacity plays a huge factor in determining the overall reliability of car batteries. There would be a lot of times when you’ll run equipment in your car using battery power alone. Reserve capacity denotes a battery’s overall capacity when it is running on its own. This can come in handy during an emergency situation when your engine is dead. Having good reserve capacity can also come in handy should your car’s alternator fails to function for one reason or another. It’s an asset for any car battery to have a high reserve capacity.

Consider using maintenance-free batteries

Perhaps you have heard about both low-maintenance and maintenance-free batteries. The first thing that must be said is that these batteries are not one and the same. Maintenance-free batteries are called as such because you won’t have to add water on the battery terminals from time to time to keep it functional. On the other hand, low-maintenance batteries would still require you to add water in it from time to time, hence the existence of caps. In hot weather, this factor can be such a critical consideration. After all, the last thing you want is for your battery to break down due to lack of water.

Consider the credentials of the online seller

When buying car batteries online, you must consider the credibility of the online store you’re buying from. A lot of legit car equipment stores have an online store, and most of them provide great service at a friendly price. Some battery makers now also offer online ordering services and they can ship the battery to your location 24/7. This can come in handy especially when you’re dealing with an emergency on the road.

Buying car batteries is now easier than ever, thanks to the emergence of online shopping options. It’s only a matter of taking advantage of the presence of these options. Keep in mind the tips mentioned here and you shall get your replacement battery without problems.

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