Car Audio Systems

Tips on How to Get a Car Audio System Online

A banging sound system is sure to attract the attention of anyone. Not only is a great audio system is a great way to provide entertainment for the occupants of your car, but it’s also a great way to impress both passengers and bystanders. Of course, it takes a good setup for you to get it done. Are you in the hunt for a car audio system online? This article will serve as your guide as you shop your way towards a great car sound system.

Before you go further in this shopping guide, it would be great to educate yourself first regarding the various components of a typical car audio system. Each part is important to create the best sound possible, so you must never ignore any of them on your shopping catalogue.

Buying tips

While there are many ways to make a purchase, here are some specific steps you must take a look at if you’ll be making your purchase online.

Decide if you want to purchase a full package or individual parts

There are 2 routes you can take if you’re shopping for a full sound system. The first route is purchasing parts individually. This makes sense if you don’t have a lot of money invested for your sound system and also if you want to have full reign on which parts will occupy your sound system. The second route is purchasing sound system packages. These packs, usually produced by one brand and are matched to each other based on compatibility, usually cost less than purchasing parts individually.

Check out product reviews

The product review is one of the most important tools available for the online shopper. Usually crafted by professional testers, these reviews will give you an idea about the strengths and weaknesses of each product.

Also included in these reviews are user-oriented feedback such as cars and setups these items would work best in. Most of these reviews are done in situations that resemble everyday use, and will more or less give you an accurate glimpse on how these items would work for your car.

Have your car audio parts professionally installed

Investing on professional installation is an investment well spent. This would ensure that each part of your sound system is installed and calibrated properly. Some online sellers offer their own in-house installation services, and would sometimes offer free installation after you complete a transaction from them. You can also contract an independent audio specialist to install the sound system for you.

Those are 5 essential parts you must look at

When you’re looking for a custom car audio system to buy

Some of the best car audio systems have a full armada of speakers. After all, it is thru these speakers that music is actually pumped in and out of your car. There are 2 general classes of car speakers. A coaxial speaker contains a woofer that produces low-to-mid sound waves and a tweeter that produces high-pitch sound waves. A component speaker has a more specific function, either focusing as a full-time woofer or tweeter. While coaxial speakers are great for saving both money and space, component speakers are more capable of delivering better sound quality.

Also known in other names such as stereo, head unit, and component, the audio receiver is considered the heart of all car sound systems. It is thru this device that music is actually played in your car. There used to be a time when the only features a receiver has are an AM/FM tuner and a cassette player. Nowadays, audio receivers have some advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity, video playing capability, and auxiliary plugs tailor-made for external devices. The right audio receiver shall be the central figure of any great sound system.

The amplifier is responsible for upping the force of sound waves. This maximizes the effectiveness of your speakers, especially the subwoofers. Because it increases the frequency of sound waves, more low-frequency waves become translated to sound, resulting to richer trebles and more powerful bass. If you’ll be installing a sound system that has multiple components and a massive subwoofer, you’ll need to invest on an aftermarket amplifier. The amount of power necessary (measured in watts) mainly depends on how many speakers you’ll install in your car.

The right subwoofer is more than capable of taking a car audio system’s quality to the next level. The main function of these massive speakers is to create that desirable element of sound we know as the bass. The subwoofer mainly intercepts and produces the lowest and deepest ranges of sound. Because of the sheer size of these speakers, you’ll need to have a subwoofer enclosure at your car. You’ll also be more or less required to upgrade your amplifier. The best subwoofers generate high amounts of bass without overcooking it to the point that it creates unnecessary vibrations.

If the amplifier is responsible for providing enough power for your speakers, then the crossover is responsible for distributing this power properly. Installing the right crossover is necessary to ensure that the performance of each speaker in your car audio system is maximized. The crossover’s main function is to direct specific audio frequencies to the respective speakers where they belong. In fact, even stock sound systems have a crossover in place. A passive crossover works by blocking unwanted frequencies, while an active crossover directs frequencies to the right speakers before they even pass thru the amplifier.