Pirelli Tires Review

When it comes to tire brands, one of the most popular tire brands in the market today is the Pirelli Brand, if not for anything else because the Pirelli tires have met all the necessary requirements that modern-day drivers look for in tires. A leader in rubber and tire manufacturing for over 10 decades, and counting, Pirelli is a respected brand name associated with endurance, quality, corporate longevity, energy and cost-efficiency. Yes, all Pirelli tires are always a great return on investment.

Common Types and Styles of Pirelli Tires

The Style of Pirelli tires is one that covers a wide gamut, so to speak. Think of any style and it is an almost sure bet there is a Pirelli tire designed for that. Whether it is motorsport or conventional, to high-performance trucks, all-season tires for pickup truck or SUV, motorsport tires designed for racing, or huge durable tires for tractors, this brand encompasses all under the most reputable and respected brand name in the industry.

Technology behind Pirelli Tires

Technological advancements over the years have seen these tires undergo a complete metamorphosis to continue the long-standing tradition of excellence. A good example of technology that has been embraced by the Pirelli brand is in the P Zero. It is a Pirelli tire that has been designed with a modern sports enthusiast in mind, or lovers of luxury sedans who wouldn’t want to compromise on traction, grip, and performance.

As expected of a company that has been in existence for over 100 years, Pirelli Tires have incorporated features such as the carbon black and silica tread compound which guarantees regular and consistent performance. There are also special nano-composites present in the compound to ensure the casing of all Pirelli Tires is protected from deterioration, wear and tear. This explains the reason why all Pirelli Tires are very durable and will often outlive the vehicles.

Another example of a signature Pirelli product is the Scorpion ATR, designed with a driver of a sport utility vehicle or a light terrain pickup truck in mind. This is an on/off road tire for all terrains that has been proven effective to drive perfectly on different types of roads. Most tire brands have had a challenge with winter driving tires, but the Scorpion ATR is proof that there are tires that can be used on any kind of road, meeting all the many challenges of rough terrains and winter months.

There is also the great hydroplaning resistance feature, a feature that makes it very easy and comfortable to drive on wet and slippery roads. These are well-designed central circumferential and shoulder grooves that help channel water effectively, thus not interfering with your driving.

Most Pirelli tires will feature twin steel belts inside the outer casing, a durable steel belt that comes fully reinforced with polyamide. Needless to mention, this feature guarantees strength and durability without compromising on the quality of ride and grip that a driver experiences. And when all is said and done, the Pirelli brand is known the world over for its great customer support.