Payless Review

With branches located near airports all over the States and other popular travel destinations, Payless Car Rental Company is one of the best options when it comes to budget and selection. Their loyal customers are also rewarded with perks and budget deals as part of their membership club. They offer the best value for their rental’s price range.

Pros & Cons

Overview of advantages and disadvantages


Last-minute reservations allowed
Good value for money
Lowest prices for value
Most number of choices
Most number of locations


Mandatory liability insurance
High call service traffic
Long waiting time in-call
Too few staff in-location
Long waits at counters


All of the models shown in the company’s website are samples. As such, the branches may offer other vehicles in the same class, depending on their availability. Also, there are enough car classes to choose from depending on the clients’ budget and needs. From these, cars can easily be chosen from the wide selection to suit the customer’s requirements.

US Vehicles

The vehicles for rent in the different locations may vary depending on their availability. In some cases, the reservations are either upgraded or downgraded into what is available at hand.

  • Convertible – Chrysler 200 (2 small baggage; 4 persons)
  • Economy – Toyota Yaris (3 small baggage; 4 persons)
  • Midsize – Chevrolet Cruze (2 large, 1 small baggage; 5 persons)
  • Compact – Ford Fiesta (1 large, 1 small baggage; 4 persons)
  • Luxury – Chrysler 300 (4 large baggage; 5 persons)
  • Full-size – Ford Fusion (2 large, 1 small baggage; 5 persons)
  • Van – Kia Sedona (4 large baggage; 7 persons)
  • Premium – Hyundai Azera (4 large baggage; 5 persons)
  • Standard – Chrysler 200s (4 large baggage; 5 persons)
  • Sport Utility – Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (3 large, 2 small baggage; 5 persons)

International Vehicles

For vehicle availability, there are often differences in what is reserved and quoted than what is offered upon arrival. The clients are reassured that the vehicle provided will be in the same class and type as initially requested.

  • Convertible – Chrysler Sebring (2 small baggage; 4 persons)
  • Economy – Toyota Yaris (2 large, 1 small baggage; 4 persons)
  • Midsize – Nissan Sentra (2 large, 2 small baggage; 5 persons)
  • Compact – Hyundai Accent (1 large, 2 small baggage; 4 persons)
  • Luxury – Hyundai Azera (2 large, 2 small baggage; 4 persons)
  • Full-size – Chevrolet Malibu (2 large, 2 small baggage; 5 persons)
  • Van – Dodge Caravan (4 large, 2 small baggage; 7 persons)
  • Premium – Nissan Altima (3 large, 2 small baggage; 5 persons)
  • Wagon – VW Pointer Wagon Automatic (4 large, 2 small baggage; 5 persons)
  • Sport Utility – Hyundai Santa Fe (2 large, 2 small baggage; 5 persons)

Customer Service

Certain discounts are given to customers who have reserved at the times and dates that are specified on time-marked promotional deals. The discount is applied to the basic per-day rate of the particular vehicle in the deal. These are called their “Deals of the Hour.”

There is also what they call the “Early Bird Savings” deals. This is when early reservations are offered certain discount deals. The discounts are applicable to the quoted or estimated price of the rental transaction, although this is usually exclusive of other fees.

Short order deals are oftentimes allowed a few discounts in some locations for certain vehicles. This is what the company calls their “Last Minute Deals.” Clients are recommended to keep their eye out for special discounts and promotional deals to get more value for their money.

Clients who avail of the Perks Club membership will be privy to special deals and discounts that are exclusive and available only to members. Affiliated companies may also provide complementary discounts and deals to the club’s members during certain seasons.

There are also a few issues observed regarding the company’s customer service. Among these are concerns about the insurance coverage required. To get around this, clients are recommended to bring evidence of their own car insurance to cover the liability. Else, they will be required to pay additional fees for liability insurance which is mandatory for all cars rented from the company.

Another one of the usual comments are those about the disclaimers on the availability of certain models in locations. These are not explicit in the website. Customer Service Calls are also mentioned in some negative customer reviews. The common issues include call traffic and long waiting times. This can be a big problem especially for people who are placing long distance calls. This will cost them more than necessary. It would perhaps be a better idea to channel inquiries through the website or through email.


They have branches within 76 cities in 31 states in the US and 84 branches in cities of 21 countries outside the US. One of the problems observed by clients is the need for shuttle service. Some of the locations of the company are quite a distance away from the airports, making it necessary for the client to take a train, bus, or shuttle ride to pick up their car rental. The shuttle service make their rounds in certain time intervals so it is advisable for clients to consider the time factor in their schedule.


They have deals that allow you to rent a compact for 7-10 dollars per day and an economy class vehicle at 10 dollars per day. Clients save more by becoming members of the perks club. The prices are very low for a car rental. Even with the fees for liability insurance, they still have lower prices as compared to their competition. The saying “you get what you pay for” applies to the service. Other than the estimate being presented as quotes in digital transactions for car rental reservations, the service is good for the value of the money paid.

Why Book with Payless

They have the widest selection of cars for various occasions and travel needs. Their prices are some of the lowest anywhere and their service is good as compared to competition. With renting locations found in many places, not only in the US but in many other international destinations, reserving vehicles for a touring traveler will be easier. Options are comprehensive and they have mandatory insurance policies.

Having one of the cheapest rental rates and the widest vehicle selection around, the company is a convenient budget option for travelers who want to save more on their travel costs. Service is relatively good, the prices are low even with the additional costs of insurance and other fees, while the cars themselves are not bad at all. Generally, renting cars from this company provides good value for money.