Kelly Tires Review

Vehicles to give their utmost performance need to be maintained properly. The tires are an important part of a vehicle and they must be checked routinely for any wear or tear to enable the vehicle to run smoothly. There are several tire manufacturers in the market and each of them has their own specifications and features. The Kelly tires are one of the elite tire manufacturing companies that manufacture tires for light trucks, passenger vehicles, SUVs, crossovers and other performance vehicles. The company also produces tires for different seasons such as winter tires, summer tires and all-season tires. These tires are of different sizes and one can easily find the one that is required for a particular type of vehicle. Here is a review of the Kelly tires based on the type of tires produced:

Kelly Explorer Tires

These Kelly tires come under the category of passenger and touring tires and are most suitable for long road trips as well as daily commuting. These are all-season tires that provide comfort, stability, safety and easy handling.

Kelly Navigator Tires

Another of the Kelly tires that come under the passenger and touring tires category is the Navigator tires that are again all-season tires. These tires provide a quiet and comfortable ride, no matter what the weather. The Navigator line of tires, enhance the look of the vehicle as they have stylish sidewalls.

Kelly Charger Tires

The Charger line of tires is the latest addition to the Kelly tires that give the vehicles a superb performance in addition to giving the vehicle a sporty look. The Charger line of tires is a performance tire that works very well in snow and mud. The Charger tires have twin circumferential grooves that provide better traction and handling on wet roads. The price of the Charger tires as compared to similar tires from other brands is competitive.

Kelly Safari Tires

As the name suggests, the Kelly Safari tires are tires for light trucks, sports utility vehicles and crossovers. The Safari range of tires, perform well not only on the roads but on the rugged terrains as well. In addition to being the best tires for rugged terrains, the Safari tires are also good for commuting around the town as they provide a comfortable and quiet ride. The tires are highly stable and safe as they have multi-directional siping and self-cleaning tread patterns.

Kelly Snowtrakker Tires

Winters are difficult times to commute as the roads are blocked by snow and mud. However, Kelly Snowtrakker tires are winter tires that ensure that the vehicles do not remain stuck in the driveway during the winter season. The winter tires from Kelly have an M + S rating and feature high density blading. These features provide the tires the traction to fight the worst of winters. The Snowtrakker tires have self-cleaning treads and circumferential grooves that help them to move the snow, ice and slush from underneath the tires.

The Kelly tires are high on performance as they are designed for particular vehicles and seasons. They are stable, safe and comfortable. As compared to other brands of tires, the Kelly tires are competitively priced.