Hertz Review

Pros & Cons

Overview of advantages and disadvantages


Clients can book easily
Wide variety of cars
Features for children
Convenience for the physically challenged
Highly informative website
Fast vehicle pick up


Prices are quite expensive
Poor Customer Service

People always go to different places from time to time, and sometimes they need to rent cars for their use. In these cases, high quality rental service is what they are always after. Here is a review for one car rental company to guide people in their future car bookings and reservations.

Hertz Car Rental and Sales, is made available to almost anyone in the world. The company is accessible, providing customers with a user-friendly website which is easy to use and full of all the information customers need about acquiring their services. Booking and choosing from a variety of cars is made a whole lot easier online through their website. Their website also looks nice when compared to other car rental websites that look cheap and unprofessional. Those who get distracted by ads do not have to worry because their site is void of unnecessary ad content on the side. Aside from a cool website and online services, it would be interesting to find out more about what else Hertz Car Rentals can offer their clients.

Vehicle Variety and Information

When choosing a car to rent, Hertz gives customers a list of categories that will help them select the vehicle they want to book. These categories include the Green, Fun, and Prestige Collections, the Supercars line, and the Family Collection. They also have a Commercial Van/Truck Collection as well as the Special and the Dream Collections.

Those looking for cars, sedans, wagons, SUVs, minivans, and 4x4s can find what they are looking for at Hertz Car Rentals. They offer the latest car models, fuel efficient vehicles, environmental friendly cars, luxury cars, convertibles, and hybrid vehicles. They have a wide range of vehicles to choose from. This ensures that clients can book the car that will meet their specific taste and need. However, categories can be limited according to their location or area. They offer more variety of cars in the United Kingdom, the USA, and other neighboring nations compared to the countries found in Asia.

By clicking the links, customers will then see the car names and the corresponding images along with their details, such as number of passengers, amount and size of luggage that can fit inside the car, manual or automatic transmission type, and fuel consumption. Hertz also offers infant/toddler seat rentals and gives options to meet the special needs of physically challenged drivers and passengers. All they have to do is include these requests upon booking and reservation.

Available Locations

Hertz Car Rentals have branches virtually everywhere. When going to their website, customers can book their reservations according to their location. It is made easy by just typing the postal code, or the name of the Airport location or city. They can also select their country location and Hertz will give customers a lists of airports that are found in their country. Information about their local office hotline contact numbers and office hours are also included in the list.

Prices and Rates

The rates aren’t low but they are fair. Hertz Car Rentals offers great value for money especially with the wide variety of vehicles and the extra features they extend to their clients. Something this great comes with a good price. Prices start at the minimum of about 40$ per day. For each booking, customers can select from two rate options with different inclusions. The prices can go as high as 95$ per day, depending on the car that is going to be booked. However, they also offer discount coupons to customers depending on their location and the company partners available in the customer’s area.

Customer Service: Thumbs Down or Thumbs Up?

Booking a vehicle and getting all the needed information is great and easy online. But there have been plenty of reports from clients saying that their actual experiences with the company’s customer services were not good. These experiences were encountered by clients when it comes to cancellations, rent extensions, insurance issues, vehicle unavailability and booking confirmations. This car rental company, however, got good feedback in terms of speed of their transactions, pick up, and check in. Some say Hertz has the fastest service there is when it comes to car rentals.

Why Book with Hertz Car Rental and Sales?

The pros definitely outweigh the cons. However, everyone knows that customers’ experiences can be different from one another depending on how much they expect from a car rental company. But this is one thing that is sure, Hertz Car Rental and Sales has been around for quite some time and many consider it as a reputable car rental company.

In order to make sure that customers get to have the best experience with any car rental company, one must: clarify transaction details, understand the requirements and policies, and communicate well with their customer service representatives. There’s a good experience waiting for anyone who books with Hertz. With all the details already ironed out, all the customer has to do is to pick up his vehicle and drive safely.

Hertz Car Rentals and Sales has built their own reputation in this business throughout the years. They are known for meeting their customer’s satisfaction needs. They may fall short of client expectations sometimes, but they mostly give their best service. Otherwise, they would not have stayed this long in the car rental industry. This company is one that people can trust and rely on whenever they need to make fast transactions and easy reservations. Clients also have the chance to rent whatever car they like, and whatever vehicle will meet their specific needs. As to any company there will always be a good side and a bad side, however with Hertz the good side wins.