General Tires Review

There are several tire manufacturers in the market but few have made a mark in the industry. However, General tires, is one company that has always endeavored to provide its customers with nothing but the best. While there are several models of tires for different vehicles that the company has produced.

Features of the General Tires

Snow Performance

The performance of most of the General Tires including the G Max is extremely good. The tires have generous siping, that preserve dry handling. The sipes that are slits have blocks on the inside that allow the sipes to flex the tread blocks on snow-bound roads. However, the same sipes lock together to form a precise and rigid tread block. The tires are able to tread better on the snow-clad roads due to their detailed grooving that help lock the snow, which provides better snow-on-snow traction.

Wet Weather Performance

The AS03 is quite high on performance in wet weather. The General Tires, particularly the AS 03 is definitely ahead of its competitors in the wet weather performance sphere. The tires provide a better grip; better agility and better recovery of grip after the tires are moved over on major tire-scrubbing slides or big puddles.

Maintenance Features

The General tires have simple maintenance features. The tires have usual tread wear that indicate blocks and the tread center is molded with a light squiggle pattern.

Quiet and Comfortable

The best thing about the General Tires is that they provide a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride throughout the day, no matter how long the tires are driven.

Wide Range of Products

The General Tires have a large variety of tires to choose for various types of vehicles, seasons and events. The categories that denote different varieties of General Tires include Sports performance tires, tires for passenger cars and minivans, tires for sports utility vehicles and light trucks, all season tires, winter tires, commercial tires and above all custom tires.

G Max AS 03, is an ultra-high performance tire set to replace the Exclaim summer tire and other General Tires.

The G Max is a highly refined tire that has a V-shaped tread. The center and multiple grooves of the tires are so designed into large and narrow channels that they displace any volume of water. Since the G Max tires are all-season tires, they work equally well in the dry as well as wet and snow-clad roads.

The General tires are high performing tires that enjoy large growth. The tires are liked for their fine winter and wet traction performance. With a large variety of tires for particular seasons and vehicles, General tires provide a good choice. In addition, the General tires still look and performance as new tires even after hours of driving on rugged terrains, wet and snow-clad roads, a feature which is missing in most of the more popular tires. Therefore, the General tires are highly recommended for their looks, performance, stability and safety.