Firestone Tires Review

Tires are an indispensable part of a vehicle and they must be in top-notch condition for the vehicle to run smoothly. One must keep checking their tires for any wear and tear and get them replaced on the first signs of any wear and tear. While there are many companies that manufacture and market tires for various types of vehicles, Firestone is one company that is known for its superior quality tires that give the vehicles a long life and a smooth ride. The company produces several models of tires, each of which is available in various sizes.

Tires can also be classified by way of their use, such as for light trucks, crossover vehicles, SUVs, light passenger cars, all-season and winter tires. Here is a review of the Destination LE2 model of Firestone tires:


The Destination LE2 from Firestone is an all-season touring tire that is suitable for SUVs, light trucks and crossover vehicles that need to travel long distances. The technology of the tire is such that it provides a smooth ride no matter what the season or what type of road. The tire has the following technological features:

  • Silica compound: the Destination LE2 is made up of the silica based rubber compound, which is now almost used universally for touring tires. The combination works well in the sense that the rubber compound provides the tires the grip while the compound is prevented from wearing quickly because of silica.
  • Zigzag sipes: the Destination LE2 has a zigzag pattern that provides the tires the needed edges when moving on snow or ice.
  • Sweeping Slots: the tires have such grooves that form a double curve across the grain of the tread. These grooves help to remove the water under the tire, quickly.
  • Noise Sequencing: the tread of the Destination LE2 has been tuned to dampen the noise created by the all-season tread of the tire. The optimized noise sequencing dampens and cancels out the noises created by different tread blocks.


The Destination LE2 works better than other tires of the same category. The Firestone tires are able to turn better and have a better grip on the roads, even if the road is wet. The tires are quiet, stable and there are no hassles with the tires.

Being all-season touring tires, the Destination LE2 provide a good ride even in light winter conditions and in the rains when the roads are thoroughly wet. The tires have a low rolling resistance and do a good job.

Overall, the Firestone tires are dependable tires that work well. The job for which they are designed is performed with precision. There are no complaints with the tires as such. When compared with other tires of the segment, the Firestone tires definitely fare better for their technological features. However, it can be said that the Destination LE2 that was reviewed here is good in many respects, but not great. Nevertheless, if the company in its entirety is judged, it can be safely that Firestone produces one of the best tires and there are no problems with its products.