Falken Tires Review

Falken tires are all-season performance tires that are especially designed to provide true grip and enhanced traction which can ultimately boost the driver’s confidence especially during bad weather. Falken has developed many tires that are packed with high volume circumferential grooves coupled with high angle cross grooves. These features bring together the right spirit of performance driving.

Falken ZIEX ZE912

When facing wet weather conditions, the Falken ZIEX ZE912 tire sets off its increased hydroplane resistance features together with increased tread stability so as to deliver improved grip composure. In addition to this, the tire’s hybrid asymmetric pattern gives out better dry performance during the wet season. Falken tire has rotation wear indicators which can help the driver in maximizing its usefulness and overall tire value.

This Falken product brings together performance and technology in a single tire. This product can be purchased in 93 sizes which include CUV fittings, from fourteen inches to twenty inches. The speed ratings range from H, V, and W. The ZE912 is manufactured to perform in an excellent manner regardless of the any road condition.

Falken Sincera Touring SN211

These Falken tires can deliver maximum value as they fit the requirements of various types of automobiles. These tires have an 80,000 mile mileage warranty and are available in varied original equipment sizes. These tires are especially engineered using a long mileage compound coupled with the right sipe depth design that helps in maximizing tire life. Additionally, it has stylish tread patterns as well as sports-inspired appearance that car owners will surely love.

Falken Azenis PT722

Known as Falken’s primordial ultra high performance and all season touring tire, the Azenis PT722 is targeted towards luxury automobile owners. It has long lateral grooves and deep-tread depth that can prevent hydroplaning. Likewise, it can offer stability in wet conditions. These tires offer even wear and optimum performance while its optimized structure ensures a comfortable ride. The PT722 is available in 49 sizes with diameters that range from sixteen inches to twenty-two inches.

Falken LA CT

These Falken tires boost of the following excellent features:

  • Superb low noise level
  • High mileage and excellent stability
  • Effectively handles sandy road conditions

Falken ZE329

The Falken ZE329 is packed with the latest silica compound that is especially adapted to minimize rolling resistance and to improve fuel economy. Moreover, the added silica compound offers excellent grip when the pavement is wet.

Azenis RT 615K

This item is a street tire that is packed with championship-winning features. It is extremely popular for many modern sedans, performance compacts, and sports cars. With its advanced features that are suitable for track and street use coupled with its spectacular construction, the RT615K can confidently maintain a good grip both in track and street conditions.

These motorsports tires are inspired with solid center rib and 8/32nd tread designs that offer significant traction. They can also sustain strong grip when the pavement is dry. The following are the essential characteristics of these Falken tires:

  • Jointless nylon cap ply
  • Steel belts
  • High tension carcass
  • Solid center rib
  • Variable shoulder depth designs
  • Massive sport side shoulder block

Falken FK452

Falken FK452 is available in a range of sizes from diameters of sixteen inches to twenty-four inches. It has an aggressive and directional tread design coupled with phase-shifted pitch variation system that allows maximum noise reduction. These tires can handle the job well even when it comes to large diameter tracking. It is suitable for coupes and sedans as it offers the best summer performance value.

Specific features include the following:

  • Solid center rib
  • Four high volume circumferential groove
  • High turn up and high tension carcass
  • Three dimensional rounded blocks and five linear responsive ribs
  • Phase shifted pitch variation at a random style

Falken Wild Peak H/T Tires

These tires offer a combination of excellent dry handling as well as responsive wet braking on all types of roadway surfaces. The WildPeak H/T tires have the best non-directional tread patterns that have been packed with optimized traction and control. By combining stiff wide steel belts and high tension casing ply, these tires can provide comfort and stability for all types of SUVs and pick-up trucks. With exceptional value from the Wild Peak’s high mileage tread and the comfortable ride they provide, these tires easily leave its competitors in the dust.

The following are some of this tire’s essential features:

  • Jointless nylon cap ply
  • Steel belts
  • Symmetric and non-directional five rib tread designs
  • Four large and circumferential straight grooves
  • Trendy or stylish sidewall designs
  • Offers flat and even wear and it can also reduce tire noise
  • Multi-wav lateral sipes

Falken T110

The Falken T110 tires are considered all-season tires that are suitable for any type of vehicle. These tires have the following excellent features:

  • Precise control
  • Outstanding water drainage
  • Great for highway tracks