Enterprise Review

Pros & Cons

Overview of advantages and disadvantages


Accommodating and professional staff
Allows online reservations
Available every hour
Easy rental processing
Low and affordable rates
No commercial license requirement
No hidden charges
Provides car insurance
Vehicles in good condition
Wide range of vehicles


Limited number of miles
No cancellation requests
Requires several documents

Enterprise Rent-A-Car: Is It a Reliable Car Rental Company?

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, a brand recognized worldwide since it was founded in 1957, is a car rental company that serves over 6, 500 airport locations and neighborhoods in Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, the UK, and the United States. Through leadership, along with the commendable entrepreneurial spirit of its employees, it carved a name as one of the biggest car rental service-providers in North America. Although it has already built a dependable reputation in the industries of car leasing, car sharing, fleet management services, replacement rentals, and vanpooling, customers, especially first-time car renters, may be wondering, “Is there any truth to all the positive comments it continues to receive?”

Available Vehicles at Enterprise Rent-A-Car

The fact that it has a network of available vehicles is a chief factor behind the Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s success. Since they can easily choose from plenty of cars, renters will not have to settle for a vehicle they are not fond of or even have their trip compromised due to the unavailability of their preferred vehicles. Whether they are travelling on the road by themselves or with a pack of over five people, they can expect their affairs to unfold as planned.

Vehicle Classes & Description

  • Cargo Van – Ford Econoline, GM Express, or a similar vehicle
  • Compact – Nissan Versa or a similar vehicle
  • Economy – Chevy Spark, or a similar vehicle
  • Full-size – Nissan Altima, Ford Fusion, or a similar vehicle
  • Intermediate – Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla, or a similar vehicle
  • Intermediate SUV – Toyota Rav 4 or a similar vehicle
  • Large Pickup – 1500 Dodge Ram Quad Cab or a similar vehicle
  • Large SUV – Ford Expedition, Chevy Tahoe, or a similar vehicle
  • Luxury – Lincoln MKZ, Cadillac ATS, or a similar vehicle
  • Luxury SUV – Lincoln Navigator, Cadillac Escalade, or a similar vehicle
  • Minivan – Chrysler Town & Country, Dodge Grand Caravan, or a similar vehicle
  • Pickup Truck – Dodge Dakota, Chevy Colorado, or a similar vehicle
  • Premium – Chrysler 300 or a similar vehicle
  • Premium Elite – Lincoln MKX or a similar vehicle
  • Standard – Chrysler 200 or a similar vehicle
  • Standard SUV – Hyundai SUV or a similar vehicle

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Services

Since the services of Enterprise Rent-A-Car cater to various needs, car renters appreciate the convenience accorded to them. Compared to similar companies, it accommodates individual preferences. With the promise of quality, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, dependability, and security, it can serve different types of clients, from a local who could use a vehicle for his trip within the city or a tourist in need of a car for exploring the wonders of a new destination, to a couple who plans to move in to a new home located cities away.

Customer Service

Since it accommodates car renters from all occupations, Enterprise’s name is famous for providing top-notch customer service. Unlike a bunch of car-rental organizations that directly turns down customers who can be a challenge to attend to, it serves almost every customer who approaches – including those who lack documents and those with disabilities. In addition, it offers roadside assistance, website help, and promises to answer customer inquiries promptly.

Truck Rentals: For Personal & Commercial Use

With the company presenting truck rentals for personal and commercial use, the assistance Enterprise provides is worth applauding. To be provided are commercial grade, easy-to-drive, and well-maintained trucks. Regardless of the reason, the car rental company offers to be car renters’ go-to whenever they need a vehicle for storage.

Rent or Buy a Car

Aside from accommodating car renters, Enterprise also sells used cars. On its website, customers may search for vehicles they want to purchase by browsing the model/make, payment method, price, vehicle type, fuel economy, and features of the vehicles they are interested in. Aside from the guarantee of certification and haggle-free buying, it offers trade-in appraisals for its market of available vehicles.

Car Rental Reimbursement Coverage

Since the company is open to the reality that accidents can happen, Enterprise extends a 13-day rental reimbursement coverage to their customers. For a set period, it can provide financial security for victims of unfavorable incidents such as road mishaps, theft, and repairs. With the benefits it extends, it is worthy of clients’ trust.

Exciting Promos

Enterprise Plus, E-Coupons and Discounts with Email Extras, Book a Hotel Room, Long-Term Car Rentals, One-Way Rentals, and Weekend $9.99 Special are among the available deals at Enterprise. Price reductions of as much as $75 are up for grabs. With its mission to continue reaching out, the company treats car renters to special privileges.

More about Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Apart from being a car rental company, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a group dedicated to support different communities and philanthropy projects. Particularly, it has established Enterprise Holdings, which is a foundation that has contributed over $200,000 to local non-profit sectors focused on education, leadership, and environmental stewardship. Business Locations

Enterprise has locations in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, and Spain. Via its website, car renters can easily find locations in a preferred country. After entering a major city, results, from an estimated number of 6,000 offices in popular destinations, will come up.


The cost of Enterprise’s services is dependent on the type of vehicle and the rental category (corporate, insurance, and personal or retail), as well as the mileage. On average, the company charges $25.99 for economy class vehicles and $55.99 per day for SUVs. Interested parties can be assured that the rates are competitive and affordable.

Why Choose Enterprise

Since it is a solid company, Enterprise’s car rental offers are worth availing of. For over 50 years of exceptional service and having thousands of satisfied customers, it grants worry-free transactions. With this car rental services company, customers experience peace of mind knowing they are in the care of a front-runner in the industry.