E-Z Rent-A-Car Review

Pros & Cons

Overview of advantages and disadvantages


Unlimited mileage (specific locations)
Optional GPS
Available baby seats
Handicap controls (advance arrangement)
E-Z money program benefits
Travel agents program
Unused vehicles for sale
Service animals allowed


Car models not guaranteed
Charges exclusive of gas expenses
Additional underage fee
Underage restrictions
Drop fees
Additional charges for driver
Base fee

E-Ziest Car Rental Ever

E-Z Rent-A-Car is a car rental business established in 1994. They offer great deals on their current model year vehicles. They provide customer satisfaction with their excellent customer service. The company started with only nine vehicles and then it grew to a national level. Eventually, it expanded internationally. Moreover, the company boasts of their superb customer service, wide-ranging car class collection, well-organized reservation process and low rental rates.

What Vehicle to Choose

E-Z provides an extensive collection of car classes to choose from. A customer may choose from economy cars, compact cars, minivans, premium cars, sport utility vehicles, convertibles, luxury cars, and passenger vans. Additionally, the website provides the vehicle details to assist the client in choosing the right car. Included in the vehicle information are the efficiency of the fuel, luggage capacity, and the number of passengers that can be accommodated in the car.

Also, the reservations don’t guarantee a specific model. The reservation applies to the rate, time, and dates that the car is reserved for. In addition, the company offers several classes of vehicles as specialty vehicles. A specialty vehicle has stricter policies.

Customer Service

Three modes of communication may be used at E-Z Rent-A-Car. A customer may get in touch with the company’s customer service department through email, fax, and mail. Each airport location has phone numbers that can be reached in case of an emergency. A staff will assist a customer and address problems and concerns regarding the car rental. They also assist customers who want to upgrade their vehicle and help look for an available vehicle that will answer the client’s needs. Reservations can be made through their website or by calling the airport location’s reservation center.

National and International Locations

E-Z Rent-A-Car is available in 10 US States and Puerto Rico. The States with airport locations are Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Washington. Also, their services are accessible internationally through their service affiliates.

Furthermore, a drop charge is assigned if a customer decides to return the vehicle to a different location. One-way rentals are permitted, but a drop fee is charged. The cost of the drop fee depends on the drop location.

E-Z Rates

Credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and others are accepted as payment for car rentals. E-Z provides weekly and daily rates. They do not have hourly and weekend rates. A customer may utilize coupons at the company’s website during online reservation. This is a great way for clients to avail discounts and save money. Seniors, aged 50 years and above as well as students are offered a 5% discount depending on location. Selected airport locations offer the same discount to teachers, school employees, military personnel, airline employees, and government employees. Likewise, corporate rates are available for groups or businesses that frequently avail of the company’s services. Great deals and promo updates are available through the company website, their Facebook page, Twitter account, Google Plus, Pinterest and their regularly updated blog.

E-Z offers programs to loyal customers. The E-Z Money program enables the client to accumulate points and redeem their value on their next car rental transaction. Signing up for this program is free. Excellent benefits available to those who are enrolled in the program include members-only coupons, discounts, points that are converted to credits for use on future rentals, and other rewards exclusive to E-Z Money members. A separate program is also available for travel agents who are looking for commissions on each reservation made in the company.

Customers under the age of 25 are billed differently. Additional fees are charged to clients under 25. Customers aged 21 to 24 are required to pay an additional underage fee of $20 USD per day, while those who are aged 18 to 20 are charged $35 USD per day. In addition, underage customers are not permitted to rent luxury cars and 15 passenger vans.

The rental fee does not include the additional driver fee. The services of a driver can be availed of for a fee of $9.95 USD per day. The base fee does not cover other fees such as airport access fees, tolls, customer facility charge, additional rentals, surcharges, and sales tax among all others.

Why E-Z?

E-Z Rent-A-Car focuses on the needs of their clients. They allow an upgrade of the vehicle, depending on the availability of the desired vehicle. A customer representative will help choose an available vehicle that will cater to the customer’s needs. For non-locals, unlimited mileage is offered within the set locations. Equipment, like baby seats and GPS, are also offered for a reasonable price. Additional accessories such as handicap controls are also offered if arranged in advance.

The company has a privacy policy that protects the information submitted by the customer. All information is kept confidential. A rental car receipt may be requested on the website for customers who want to view their receipts online.

Furthermore, some of the vehicles that are no longer being used by the company are sold. They accept email inquiries for those interested to buy their vehicles. They guarantee low mileage for the vehicles for sale.

Animals are allowed in the rented vehicles without additional fees provided that customers return the car clean and without any damage.

Each airport location has clear-cut policies on their website to be used as a reference. Customers will have an idea of the expectations of the company and their responsibilities as an E-Z Rent-A-Car client.

Lastly, waivers and insurances are offered by the company. Customers will be able to travel with the peace of mind knowing that they are protected from liabilities, if the vehicle is involved in an accident. Different airport locations have different policies and procedures regarding coverages.