Dunlop Tires Review

The Dunlop Company has done a great job in ensuring the tires are the best in the market. If not for anything else, because they are a great return on investment, at least owing to their durability.

History of Dunlop Tires

Just the mention of Dunlop Tires and the first thing that comes to the minds of many people is quality, durability and a long-standing tradition of excellence. Ever since the company opened its doors in 1888, it has never looked back in providing the top rated tires in the industry, no wonder they are the most sought after.

John Boyd Dunlop started as an experimental process for his son’s tricycle and decided to make tires using canvas bonded together using liquid rubber. What started out as an experiment and a do-it-yourself home project would lead to one of the top rated companies in the auto industry world, today.

Milestone Achievements of Dunlop Tires

Technological advancements have seen the company keep up with the latest technology to provide the most durable of tires in the industry. One of the most notable technologies is the Multi-radius tread, which allows for pressure to be evenly distributed each time rubber meets tar.

Further, some of the models of Dunlop Tires contain this special Silica-Plus Compound, a compound known to improve braking, acceleration and grip. This justifies the reason why they are rated among the most reliable tires in the market, especially for drivers who want the best grip when driving in rough terrains.

Popular Dunlop Tires

Dunlop Direzza

Of the top rated Dunlop tires in the market today is the highly sought-after Direzza. This is a super high-performance summer tire designed specifically for sports cars. As expected, it runs perfectly on dry roads during the warm beautiful months of summer.

One of the most popular models in the Direzza line of Dunlop tires is the DZ101 which comes fully equipped with a Silicarbon Matrix tread compound i.e. a combination of silica and black carbon. Needless to mention this enhances tread and grip on the roads which can be significantly compromised during the warm and humid months of summer.

Dunlop Grandtrexk AT20

Another popular example of Dunlop tires is the Grandtrexk AT20, tires designed specifically with trucks in mind. This is an all-season tire for trucks e.g. a pickup truck or a sports utility vehicle. The fact that it comes in various sizes means it is ideal for different trucks from different brands. Some notable features of the AT20 include low rolling resistance which has been lauded as a fuel saver feature.

Dunlop Signature II

Also notable of Dunlop tires is the Signature II, which comes with V or H-speed ratings. These tires are designed specifically for sedans, vans, coupes, as well as crossover vehicles. It further boasts an all-season tread compound as well as the much loved multi-directional siping, meaning it can ride perfectly in different types of roads, whether wet or dry.

Thanks to this multi-directional siping feature, most drivers have reported increased traction during the cold and unbearable months of winter when driving becomes very tough.