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Avis – Your Wings to Rented Wheels

Having a car is among the many modern conveniences people today enjoy. There are some people, however, who cannot afford to buy cars. There are also those who opt not to buy their own cars because they don’t want to have to deal with the regular expenses associated with it. When one finds owning a car to be impractical, renting on becomes the practical option during times when having a car is required for optimum mobility. Avis is one of the most trusted names when it comes to car rentals. They have widespread network across the globe, making them accessible for customers of various nationalities.

Avis (full name Avis Rent a Car System, LLC) is the second largest car rental firm in the world. It operates in several countries, including the North American continent, Latin America, India, the Caribbean, New Zealand, and Australia. Recently, it has acquired 100% ownership of a European agency which was previously licensing the Avis name.

Avis is best known as a leading provider of car rental services to business and commercial customers. They serve major airports around the world, making them the logical choice for business travelers and tourists alike. In fact, Avis was the first car rental company to be located within airport premises.


The company was first established back in 1948. The company started with only three cars at the Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, Michigan. It slowly expanded its operations over the next years. By 1953, it has already established its position as the country’s second largest car rental agency. Three years later it opened its doors to international services in Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

In 1972, it introduced the first ever computer-based reservation system, called “Wizard.” It became one of the company’s trademarks. Up to now, loyal Avis customers are identified by their unique code called a “Wizard number.” In 1981, it also launched its own vehicle tracking system which was named AVIS -- “Advanced Vehicle Identification System.”

Cars and Prices

Like any of its numerous competitors, Avis offers top-notch vehicles at reasonable prices. Their vehicles range from small cars that can accommodate a solo driver travelling with minimum luggage to bigger vans for as many as 12 passengers with more than 5 full-sized travel bags to boot.

Here are some of the vehicles offered by this car rental company:


  • Subcompact – Accent (Hyundai)
  • Compact – Focus (Ford)
  • Intermediate – Cruze (Chevrolet)
  • Standard - Altima Coupe (Nissan)
  • Full-size – Impala (Chevrolet)
  • Specialty - Mustang Coupe (Ford), Prius – Hybrid (Toyota), Camaro S5 (Chevrolet), Mini Cooper, F-150 (Ford), Camaro Convertible (Chevrolet)
  • Premium - Chrysler 300
  • Luxury - Lincoln MKS
  • Convertible – Mustang (Ford)
  • SUVs – Chevrolet Traverse (Standard Elite), Ford Escape (Intermediate), Chevrolet Tahoe (Full Size), Ford Edge (Standard), Chevrolet Suburban (Premium)
  • Minivan - Grand Caravan (Dodge)
  • Passenger Van - Ford E350

Avis Rent-a-Car also has what it calls its “Signature Series” for customers who are looking for luxury car models to rent. Cars in the Avis Signature Series include the following:

  • Lincoln Navigator
  • Infiniti QX60
  • BMW X5
  • BMW 328
  • BMW 528

All of these vehicles are subject to availability. Customers can expect variations in the listings of available cars for rent depending on their location. Some models may only be available in certain countries.

Like any other car rental agency, prices vary depending on the car type the customer requires. Those in the Signature Series, of course, are the most expensive rental cars. Other factors that are considered in the car rental quotes include the distance of travel and the location where the car is being rented. Just as car model availability varies across territories, the prices are also different from one country to another.

For those who are looking for ways to save on their car rentals, Avis offers a lot of deals and coupons. These offers range from discounts and rebates on rental rates to special packages from affiliates and partner companies usually in the hospitality industry. Avis has a roster of hotels, airlines, travel agencies, and restaurants as its partners. Some of these discounts are not only good for local use but also for international use as well.

Why Go for Avis?

Avis did not become the second largest car rental company in the world without good reason. It is known for its good customer service and its partner deals that allow customers to make the most of their travel. Avis offers innovative services as well and their website has just about everything you need to reserve a car rental. They also have miles/points programs.

Avis also offers an online membership program, the My Avis (Wizard) program which allows customers to experience prioritized service. For frequent travelers, there is the Avis Preferred that allows customers to have faster rental processing in most locations. There is also an invitation-only membership called Avis First, which has exclusive benefits that are unique to the company. This is available to those that have at least 12 paid rentals in at least 35 days of a calendar year.

Tons of other services, ranging from personal chaffeurs to the provision of child-friendly seats, and even international and roadside assistance make Avis a top choice for every traveler in need of a rental car. For those who would like to reserve on the go, they also have an Android app available through Google Play.

Other Services

Aside from car rentals, Avis also sells used cars in thirteen states in the US. This gives people access to affordable pre-owned automobiles. They also have the Avis Access service which provides equipment specifically designed for towards those drivers or passengers with disabilities. It also provides for the addition of such commercial services as Sirius XM radio and Garmin GPS with every car rental.

Avis is a very versatile car rental company and it seems they have the perfect solution for every rental need. It is highly recommended for everyone wishing to obtain a car for a simple travel trip with friends or family.