Alamo Review

Pros & Cons

Overview of advantages and disadvantages


Wide variety of Vehicles
Unlimited Mileage Program
Comprehensive damage waiver
Self-help kiosks
Online check-in
Global Reach


Lack of wheelchair accommodations

Come to think of it, not everyone really needs a car. There are those who live within the vicinity of the places they have to go to in the course of everyday life. An efficient public transportation makes it convenient enough to go to and from any place. There are times, however, when having a car is necessary. Especially when travelling to a different state or country and there is a need have full control time, having a car is preferable. In these cases, considering a rental car from Alamo Rent-a-Car services is recommended.

Alamo is actually the third largest among the countless car rental companies in the entire United States. It is headquartered in Clayton, Missouri. It has expanded its operations across the globe, from the neighboring Canada and Mexico, to Central America, South America, even to Europe, Australia, segments of the African Continent, the Middle East, and even the Carribean.


Alamo was founded back in 1974 as a car rental agency with branches in several locations across Florida. It grew largely due to public acclaim, most notably for its Unlimited Mileage program. Throughout its history, it rents mostly vehicles manufactured by General Motors, Nissan, Toyota, and Volvo.

Alamo became the largest car rental agency to cater to international travelers within North America. They became the first such company to develop an online check-in system in 2005. In the United States, Alamo has more than 171 self-service stations in 63 locations, thus earning Budget Travel magazine’s “Extra Mile Award” in 2007. It also became the official car rental company partnering with Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.

Also in 2007, Enterprise Holdings acquired Alamo. Enterprise is known for being the operator of the largest car rental agency in the entire North American region. Enterprise has also previously acquired National Car Rental, another similar service.

The name “Alamo” was first conceived not because of the company’s location, but because its founders wanted it to be the first one listed in telephone books.

Cars and Prices

Alamo offers a very wide variety of vehicles, sorted according to type. Car models available can carry anywhere from two to fifteen passengers, with two to seven bags.

Below are the car classes that they offer, along with the specific models customers can rent:


  • Economy - Chevrolet Spark
  • Compact - Nissan Versa Sedan, Fiat 500 (Special)
  • Midsize - Toyota Coroalla
  • Standard - Chrysler 200
  • Midsize Electric - Nissan LEAF
  • Hybrid - Toyota Prius, Kia Optima Hybrid
  • Fullsize - Ford Fusion
  • Fullsize AWD - Dodge Challenger
  • Fullsize Elite - Lincoln MKS
  • Premium - Chrysler 300
  • Luxury - Cadillac ATS
  • Sporty - Dodge Challenger
  • Convertible - Ford Mustang


  • Midsize SUV - Toyota RAV4
  • Standard SUV - Hyundai Santa Fe
  • Crossover - Ford Edge (Fullsize), GMC Arcadia (Premium)
  • Fullsize SUV - Chevy Tahoe
  • Premium SUV - Chevy Suburban
  • Luxury SUV - Lincoln MKX, Cadillac Escalade
  • Jeep - Jeep Wrangler 2 Door, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited


  • Pickup - Ram 1500 Quad Cab


  • 7 Passenger Minivan - Dodge Grand Caravan
  • 8 Passenger Minivan - Toyota Sienna
  • 15 Passenger Minivan - Chevy Express Van

It is important for customers to note that these vehicles are the models available for those in the United States or Canada. Alamo sites in other countries could offer different models, subject to availability.

These vehicles are subject to varying prices as well. As a general practice, the higher the vehicle class, the more expensive the rates are. The rental price will also depend on the “to” and “from” points. The mileage to be travelled will be measured to come up with a quote. Another price factor that results in variations in rental rates is the local tax. Different localities have different tax rates and mandatory charges. This is why the price of car rentals in the US would be different from those in the African region, for example. However, Alamo does offer good last minute prices and reservations that can rival those of their competitors. This makes Alamo a favorite among car renters in various places around the world.

Why Choose Alamo?

The company offers exceptional service, allowing customers to take advantage of several unique rental features such as an online check in and self-service kiosks. This allows for a seamless rental and driving experience.

Alamo also offers what they call the Unlimited Mileage program that allows drivers to travel any distance with their chosen car, without any additional price. Alamo offers protection as well in the form of the collision damage waiver (CDW). This is available for authorized drivers for an additional fee. Such a waiver would normally act as an optional damage coverage. This addresses several driving risks such as theft, collision, and such. This can also serve as a liability insurance and provide towing coverage. Other Services

Aside from car rentals, Alamo has diversified into other fields such as used car sales (largely due to the fact that it was acquired by Enterprise). It also has hotel and airline partners. Alamo offers business programs. It also takes advantage of the network of tour operators to provide travelers with car rentals as part of their vacation package.

The Alamo website offers a comprehensive rental system, allowing for a quick rent anytime, anywhere. They also allow other car rental companies around the world to use their brand in the form of a franchise, significantly boosting business because of Alamo’s global brand recall.

The Downside

Alamo Rent a Car has once been criticized for lack of facilities for wheelchair users. Adequate access for the disabled to and from terminal buildings have not been properly installed. The firm has since reached a settlement with investigators regarding these complaints.

Alamo offers an exceptional service, unparalleled in the ease in which one can rent vehicles. The cars offered by the agency are top-grade, and the price is reasonable.