Advantage Review

Advantage is one of the many car rental companies extending its services to travelers looking for on-road vehicles to rent. Its domestic services are offered in the United States with several rental locations found across the country. Apart from domestic car rentals, the company also offers car rentals for international travelers going to different parts of the world.

Pros & Cons

Overview of advantages and disadvantages


Deals for specific clients
Repeat client discounts
Daily and weekly rates
Pay Now discounts
Service covers major airports
Minor fleet details available
Modify bookings online
Drive famous car brands
One-way rentals offered
Corporate account services available
US and international rentals
Receipt request available
Roadside assistance offered
Income opportunity for agents
Location-specific details posted
Easy-to-navigate website
Secure online booking


Limited fleet choices
Limited international rental locations
Unclear fuel charges
Unclear deposit fees
Driver detail unavailable
No independent fleet list


The car rental company’s website doesn’t allow clients to see its fleet list without entering specific pick-up and return dates. Travelers who wish to see their fleet options need to enter a dummy date to have an idea about the available vehicles. Clients, however, need to keep in mind that the vehicles are not necessarily available on their actual travel dates, especially if they haven’t made up their mind on the schedule.

Advantage’s vehicle options include economy sedans, compact vehicles, and other standard vehicles. Larger fleets include seven-seater caravans and standard SUVs that seat five passengers. Auto brands offered include Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, and other famed brands.

Despite the lack of informative details about the vehicles, the website also has information about the number of luggage each fleet can store in its compartments.

Unlike other companies, Advantage doesn’t offer luxury cars and larger fleets like motorhomes or RVs. Anyone looking for these types of vehicles to rent should look elsewhere.

Customer Service

Advantage offers different customer support modes that suit clients’ preferences. Reservations can be done online through its booking platform embedded on the page. Viewing and modifying booking information can also be done through the same platform by accessing a specific link for the task.

Inquiries about its rental services or other information can be sent through its contact form found under the Contact Us page.

The company provides numerous phone numbers that can be reached for rental assistance, confirming or canceling reservations, roadside assistance, billing and many more. Location-specific contact numbers are also provided for inquries about destination-specific rental details.

Comments and feedback can be sent through the online form or by calling a designated contact number.

What makes the service stand out is its receipt processing request form. Clients can request for receipts for reimbursement or for mere documentation needs. This can be done through email, using the designated address indicated in their website.


Advantage has rental locations across United States serving several states and accessible to key airports and key tourist attractions like in the case of Nevada where it has numerous rental locations apart from the airport.

International rental locations are also found although the list is not as comprehensive compared to other rental services’ sites. International rental locations are prominent in Europe, Central and South America, New Zealand, South Africa, and several parts of Middle East Asia. To see these locations, the website has a link at the top and bottom part of the page, which direct visitors to the location list.


Prices may range from $30 US dollars for a day of rental up to $200 dollars depending on the type of fleet to rent. Prices may also vary depending on the location where the car will be rented. Apart from daily rates, several sites may show weekly rental rates, which several clients may find beneficial for their rental needs. These rates, however, may be subjected to additional fees like surcharges, gas fees, local taxes, and others. Hence, clients need to be prepared with potential charges that may come with the service.

One of the good things about the company is that it offers numerous opportunities for saving on. It has promo deals and special discounts for government employees and entities hiring the service. It also has its Pay Now option that assures discounted rates upon paying for the service upfront when booked online.

For clients who are not particular about the car they will use, the company can offer discounted rates when the customer allows the company to choose their rental vehicle for them. This is called the Advantage Choice option where the company matches the customer’s details with a car in their fleet. This option is the best choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Reasons to Book with Advantage

Advantage rental services are ideal for regular travelers who don’t have special vehicle needs. Prices can also be budget-friendly depending on some car specifications and service details. Other perks are also provided for being a repeat customer or paying the service upfront upon booking online.

Online booking is also simple although concrete travel details like arrival and return dates are essential.

Additional Resources

Unlike other websites, Advantage doesn’t have as much helpful resources on the website. It lacks travel guides or other in-depth destination details that may be helpful for people traveling within the site. What it has is the rental location’s details like address and branch details that clients may want to know before visiting the location.

Offered Services

Considering the cars offered by Advantage, its services are limited to picking up and driving clients to the airport. The company may also drive clients within the city of destination, but no actual tour services are available or are indicated on its website.

However, the company offers transportation services for special projects like on-site taping or productions and other government- or corporate-related activities.

Advantage speaks for itself when it comes to offering high quality rental services for travelers. It has a limited but high quality line of vehicles for travelers wishing to get around their destinations. At the same time, they also offer great value for money to clients with their promotional deals.