Audi 100 Family Camper

Have You Ever Seen Such Audi 100?

Oh, yes, it is not ordinary Audi 100. It is a camper – Audi 100 Family, which was made by Helmut Bischofberger in 1983.

At first it was made from Audi 100 C2 model, but soon it got and Audi 100 C3 face.

When Helmut made the first camper, the Audi manufacturer was impressed and asked the project initiator to make a newer model. The man made it and gave the car for tests in the desert, where manufacturer made thousands of kilometers without any problems. Only the windscreen cracked.

This car was made for family to travel anywhere without thinking about the room. Audi 100 Family has table, two sofas, which could be transformed into the bed. Also there is a fridge, a stove and a sink.

This Audi 100 Family we saw in Germany during one tuning event. The car made a very big impression. It was in a good condition and all the things there inside – worked well. The owner of the car told that his car is the only one in Germany which is riding the roads. He goes with this car with his family to some places. While other owners of Audi 100 family (in Germany) only hold them in the garages or museums.

This Audi 100 Family was made in 1983 and it is unique vehicle.